Where to Buy Impounded Cars

June 8, 2010 · Posted in Buy Impounded Cars 

It’s surprising to me how many people do not know about impounded car auctions. Many shoppers buy old and used cars for much more than the price of near-new condition cars at auction. If more people knew about auctions, there would definitely be an increase of attendees. Just knowing about auctions, however, is still not enough to find great deals at impound auctions. Even fewer people have the skills required to snag a great car at a low price. The rest are stuck with broken or unusable vehicles because they did not do any research prior to the auction. There are tools out there that will provide you with everything you need to get an amazing deal. Fortunately, these tools offer an alternative to difficult and often incomplete manual research. The services are usually membership based and generally come with a $40 price tag. Though it’s not free, it’s a sound investment to make that will end up saving you hundreds and even thousands in the long run. I’ve tested out different services in the past and though many are good, non compare to Gov-Auctions.org. It has the most concise and inclusive lists available. Gov-Auctions contains all the information that you would find with other services plus more. And with car auctions, the more information you have, the greater chance you have at finding a deal. The customer service is also extremely nice and will do whatever it takes to make sure their service will benefit you. The users are generally very satisfied with the service, and are offered a full membership refund if the service does not live up to their expectations. If you’re planning on attending an impound auction, please don’t make the same mistake many people do – stay informed and you will be bidding with complete confidence.


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