Government Seized Car Auction Information

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Government Repossession Auctions sell an array of everything from vehicles to furniture. They auction off any surplus property that they no longer need. Like police seized auctions, government car auctions will also sell seized cars from law enforcement agencies. These two types of auctions are very similar – a police seized auction is simply a specific type of a government seized auction. The good news is that both of these auctions are completely open to the public. A government auction is likely to carry a wider spectrum of goods (vehicles, furniture, computers, etc), however, you will have an equal chance of finding a prime vehicle at either auction. It is important, though, to find out what type of auction you want to attend. A general property auction is a government auction that sells an array of items, as mentioned previously. In larger cities, there are specific government auctions that specialize in vehicles only. To find government surplus auction, take a look at Be aware, though, that this website does not list all local, county, and city auctions. For a thorough list of auctions around the country, register at

Police Seized Car Auction Information

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Police Seized Car Auctions sell cars that have seized by law enforcement agencies and many times include luxury vehicles in perfect condition. Think about it – drug dealers all over the country aspire to drive fancy escalades and other luxury brands. Once the police seize these cars, they have no use for them and send them to auction. For this reason it is not unusual to find luxury cars of excellent quality at an astoundingly cheap price when you go to a police auction. Naturally, these auctions will also carry many damaged and wrecked vehicles, so it is important to search through the trash before you find your gem. If you want to buy a damaged vehicle at an extremely low price, however, be sure to get a CARFAX report before handing over your money. If you have never been to a car auction before, read through some of the other posts on this site to get a good idea of what to do.

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