Buy Impounded Cars – Exactly What You Need to Know

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As I have said many times, if you are looking to buy impounded cars, getting outside help is a must. It’s just too complicated and stressful to find quality information on impounded car auctions, and it is almost impossible to come up with the same information that professional auction listing services will provide. There are many benefits that these services include – but what makes the membership worth it are the following necessities that it provides:

– Full listing of car auctions where you live
– Full listing of vehicles that will be auctioned
– VIN numbers provided with the vehicle listings

If you do not have the above information, I would advise you to not attend an impounded car auction. You should treat auto auctions as you would if you were buying a used car from a dealer or individual – reasearch is the key. The reason car auctions can be so beneficial for certain people is because they investigate the cars beforehand, and know exactly how to bid and what car to bid on when they arrive at auction. Many people show up uninformed at auctions. If you do this, you will most likely end up with a problem car.

The key to finding huge deals at car auctions is simply to be informed. All you really need to do is:

– find a car auction in your area
– make a list of the vehicles you’re interested in
– Copy down the VIN numbers and use this information to run a CARFAX report (some services provide a complimentary CARFAX).
– Use this information to decide which cars are worth bidding on
– Show up at the auction with a maximum bid in mind

If you follow these steps you will have an advantage over everyone else – you may be the only one at the auction who knows the history of all the cars, and therefore you will have the best chance and getting the best deals.

I’ve said it many times already but I’ll say it again – be informed! I’ve dealt with a few auction services in the past, but non of them compare to They have the most comprehensive lists and will make sure you are 100% prepared for the auction. They also have a free 5-part auto auction guide that you can read through.

Click the link above, or you can start your search here:

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Where do Impounded Cars Come From?

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It has become much easier to buy impounded cars with the downfall of the economic climate. It is no hidden knowledge that you can find countless impounded cars for sale out there. This economic climate can make it hard for anyone to maintain high automobile bills associated with purchasing a brand new car. Or even a used one for instance. Payments which were once simple to make have become significantly tougher. Several unlucky people have actually lost their automobiles because of financial hardships. It’s sad, however, many people will be able to benefit from the terrible loss, even somebody who has fallen victim to bank repossession.

Banks accomplish what they need to complete to look out for their net profit so they are not able to allow someone that is behind on their expenses to keep a vehicle that is not purchased. However, they don’t want to cover storage space expenses for vehicles which were repossessed, leading to them auctioning off the impounded cars. Because of their financial well being they’re also typically in a hurry to clear themselves of their stock pile, which normally suggests large discounts once they eventually head to auction. Even if you have been the target of a bank repossession, with a working system as well as info you can afford an even better car from banks auctioning away these types of autos.

Buy Impounded Vehicles for Sale at Local Auctions

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Local auctions in your area have impounded vehicles for sale. Many of these auctions list vehicles which will auction off for nearly 90% off the blue book price.

Each week you will find tons of impounded vehicles for sale: bank repossessed cars for sale, police impound auctions, govt seized car auctions— you get the idea. However, despite these options available, it usually is difficult to understand where to seek these cars. Why not check out one source to discover it all? There’s a website giving anyone access to impounded vehicles in current inventory as well as details on the time and where these kinds of auctions are going to be held.

Major cities often hold these types of auctions to clear out the increase of impounded cars, commonly resulting through some sort of traffic incident. Not all of the drivers are able to obtain their vehicles out of the impound lot, leaving them there to take up space. The law enforcement departments as well as the cities have no choice but to have auctions to auction off these vehicles and clear room for more impounds.

If someone does a bit of research in advance it may potentially result in great bargains. Used car lots often find many impounded vehicles for sale and obtain them to resale to the open public. Consequently the consumer will pay an unneeded mark up cost. Even buying used cars from people in newspaper ads implies that a person has most likely paid too much money. Attaining entry to information about what types of automobiles will be auctioned off will save you a world of cash, quite often, thousands below the normal cost.

For more information concerning what cars are up for bid and on when and where the impounded vehicles for sale will be head to

How to Buy Impounded Cars

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There are different types of impound auctions where you can buy impounded cars – Government Surplus Auctions, Police Seized Auctions and Bank Repossession Auctions. These auctions are all run in a similar fashion and attract anyone looking to buy impounded cars at a very low price. There are many benefits to buying repossessed cars, but finding repo auctions is a different matter. Finding impounded car auctions without help can be time consuming and frustrating. If you follow these simple steps, you will have no trouble finding an abundant amount of impound auctions.
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Where to Buy Impounded Cars

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It’s surprising to me how many people do not know about impounded car auctions. Many shoppers buy old and used cars for much more than the price of near-new condition cars at auction. If more people knew about auctions, there would definitely be an increase of attendees. Just knowing about auctions, however, is still not enough to find great deals at impound auctions. Even fewer people have the skills required to snag a great car at a low price. The rest are stuck with broken or unusable vehicles because they did not do any research prior to the auction. There are tools out there that will provide you with everything you need to get an amazing deal. Fortunately, these tools offer an alternative to difficult and often incomplete manual research. The services are usually membership based and generally come with a $40 price tag. Though it’s not free, it’s a sound investment to make that will end up saving you hundreds and even thousands in the long run. I’ve tested out different services in the past and though many are good, non compare to It has the most concise and inclusive lists available. Gov-Auctions contains all the information that you would find with other services plus more. And with car auctions, the more information you have, the greater chance you have at finding a deal. The customer service is also extremely nice and will do whatever it takes to make sure their service will benefit you. The users are generally very satisfied with the service, and are offered a full membership refund if the service does not live up to their expectations. If you’re planning on attending an impound auction, please don’t make the same mistake many people do – stay informed and you will be bidding with complete confidence.

Impounded Car Auction Video

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Here’s some footage of a impounded car auction. The car featured in the video was not even a year old and the buyer purchased it for less than $6,000.