Buy Impounded Cars – Exactly What You Need to Know

June 15, 2010 · Posted in Buy Impounded Cars 

As I have said many times, if you are looking to buy impounded cars, getting outside help is a must. It’s just too complicated and stressful to find quality information on impounded car auctions, and it is almost impossible to come up with the same information that professional auction listing services will provide. There are many benefits that these services include – but what makes the membership worth it are the following necessities that it provides:

– Full listing of car auctions where you live
– Full listing of vehicles that will be auctioned
– VIN numbers provided with the vehicle listings

If you do not have the above information, I would advise you to not attend an impounded car auction. You should treat auto auctions as you would if you were buying a used car from a dealer or individual – reasearch is the key. The reason car auctions can be so beneficial for certain people is because they investigate the cars beforehand, and know exactly how to bid and what car to bid on when they arrive at auction. Many people show up uninformed at auctions. If you do this, you will most likely end up with a problem car.

The key to finding huge deals at car auctions is simply to be informed. All you really need to do is:

– find a car auction in your area
– make a list of the vehicles you’re interested in
– Copy down the VIN numbers and use this information to run a CARFAX report (some services provide a complimentary CARFAX).
– Use this information to decide which cars are worth bidding on
– Show up at the auction with a maximum bid in mind

If you follow these steps you will have an advantage over everyone else – you may be the only one at the auction who knows the history of all the cars, and therefore you will have the best chance and getting the best deals.

I’ve said it many times already but I’ll say it again – be informed! I’ve dealt with a few auction services in the past, but non of them compare to They have the most comprehensive lists and will make sure you are 100% prepared for the auction. They also have a free 5-part auto auction guide that you can read through.

Click the link above, or you can start your search here:


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